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From meager beginnings in Honolulu, Hawaii, to major Broadway and Las Vegas shows, Bette Midler has come a long way, and after a two-year deal as a resident of the Colosseum inside the famous Caesars Palace, Bette Midler tickets became even more popular. This amazing performer consistently presents world-class, show-stopping events that leave fans anxiously anticipating when they can see her next.

Caesars Palace has an extensive reputation for hosting some of the greatest names in entertainment over the years, and the Bette Midler concert Las Vegas hosted was another big hit. Several other headliners are following in her footsteps here, including Celine Dion and Elton John, and Shania Twain will be joining the mix in 2012. Catapulting straight back to the forefront of major Las Vegas shows, Caesars Palace is among the top destinations for lavish performances.

Taking inspiration from Rome's famous Colosseum, Caesars designed and developed their amazing 4,000-seat theater with the best of modern lighting, acoustics and special effects capabilities with a total of a whopping $95 million investment, and the seating chart shows there really isn't a bad place in the house-it's an intimate setting, and all areas of the venue have good views of the stage.

With Bette Midler tickets to any performance comes the assurance that not only will you experience a show full of comical antics but also a performance dripping with imagination, style and energy with "plenty of girls, gags, and guffaws," as she said of her Vegas performances. Shows sell out quickly, so you'll want to search for your tickets in advance. Her recent engagements have included co-producing a Tony Award-winning musical on Broadway and preparing to star in a few new films, and who knows where her career will take her next.

With her successful and extensive background in both films and music a Bette Midler ticket will prove to be worth every penny. If you're planning on visiting Sin City for a Bette Midler concert Las Vegas will become the backdrop for many sold out shows. A Bette Midler concert ticket can be purchased in advance, which gives fans the opportunity to choose from a variety of different seats, but her shows will knock your socks off no matter where you sit.

Make sure to look into show and ticket packages when planning a visit to Vegas. Many Las Vegas hotels offer deals that include shows, as they have with tickets to the new Colosseum headliners Celine Dion and Elton John. Concert ticket specials are always a hit with visitors to the sunny city and many include different options such as dining credits, accommodations and discounts to popular events, concerts and other things to do in Vegas. If your heart is set on seeing a performance during your trip to Vegas, it's well worth checking out a list of Las Vegas shows.